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    A (clearnet) deep web carding store is a website that sells stolen credit card numbers and identities.

    They operate in the deep web and only accept payment in Bitcoin or Monero.

    People who want to buy their products usually create an account on the site and then proceed to order their desired products.

    Most of the products sold in the deep web carding scene include skimmed credit card details and BIN information.

    Some of the products include the following:

    Cloning Cards Full Country

    Fullz information

    Dumps + pin

    High balance dumps

    High balance pin

    Track 1 + 2

    Self-made dumps

    Self-made pin

    These are among the products that are sold in the deep web card stores for Bitcoin or Monero. Stolen credit card data is sold all year

    We highly recommend you check out the site and see for yourself. The prices and products vary for different shoppers.

    On the homepage, you can see a list of all the products they sell. On the right side of the page

    you will see the price of each product. You can then click on the product you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout.

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